ReEx Capital Asia provides independent strategic, financial, commercial and technical advice to companies (from SMEs to Fortune 500), governments and financial institutions responding to the market growth driven by climate change and the move to a low carbon economy.

We specialize in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industries in the Asia Pacific markets:

  • corporate strategy
  • market analysis
  • financial structuring
  • M&A and JVs
  • due diligence
  • valuation
  • business plan & financial modelling
  • feasibility study
  • risk mitigation
  • policy & regulation


These services are enhanced by alliances and sub-consultancy arrangements, which provide access to other specialist skills and experience, including those provided through major legal, engineering and accounting firms.

A notable strength is the depth of our skills available for addressing a wide range of clean technologies in Asian and Pacific jurisdictions with their different policies and regulations.

We have 50-years cumulative advisory experience in Asia Pacific across 20 jurisdictions with offices in Singapore, New Zealand and representation in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our list of clients includes: REC Solar, GDF Suez, BNP Paribas Clean Energy Fund, E.ON, Medco Oil & Gas, Trading Emissions plc, Asian Development Bank, UNEP, UNDP, World Bank, IFC, ESBI, Credit Suisse, Australian Clean Energy Council, REEEP, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Singapore National Environment Agency, etc.

Selected References

Renewable Energy Fund Window

Year: 2009-2011
Location: Pacific Island of Palau
Client: UNDP & GEF
Main project features: Solar PV Financing Facility
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Established a multi-million Loan Facility at the National Development Bank of Palau in order to provide financing for Solar PV and Solar Water Heating systems. It involved on the ground market assessment, capacity building (within the bank but also for equipment suppliers and contractors), running training workshops, development of financing guidelines and economic analysis, program management and performance monitoring & installation of pilot projects

Solar Polysilicon Exchange

Year: 2009
Location: Singapore
Client: Ginga Trading
Main project features: Strategy, Business plan & financial modeling
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Evaluated the business opportunity to establish a Poly-Si Clearing House and Exchange in Singapore. ReEx conducted a concept study identifying potential issues, laying down the ground work to be done to complete the project, developed a detailed financial model and listed the key items necessary to develop a presentation and communicate with potential investors

Internal Audit of Biodiesel Producer

Year: 2008
Location: Korea
Client: Undisclosed Korean Biodiesel Company
Main project features: Financial Audit, Corporate Strategy
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: (i)Assessed the client’s current business: positioning, business model, management, technology, financials, supply-chain, etc; (ii) developed an international corporate development strategy

Market & Business Viability Assessment for a new Bio-product from waste biomass

Year: 2009
Location: USA, Singapore & Rest of Asia
Client: Undisclosed
Main project features: Due Diligence, Valuation, Feasibility
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Business model was to develop vertically integrated renewable and sustainable biomass projects, from the fundamental feedstock ownership, through the technology ownership, and all the way to production of bio-products and biofuels

Indonesian Energy Efficiency Equipment & Solution Provider

Year: 2011
Location: Indonesia
Client: PT RBB Alpha Energy / Infini Ventures
Main project features: Energy Efficiency Strategy, Corporate Structuring & Funding
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Formulated a strategy for business structuring and capital raising and developed a Business Plan to finance the company’s portfolio of Energy Efficiency Projects with clients such as Airport Operator PT AngkasaPura and Telecom company PT Indosat

Micro Credit Delivery Mechanisms & Application for Clean Energy Projects in the Pacific

Year: 2009
Location: Pacific Island Countries
Client: REEEP & Australian Government
Main project features: Clean Energy Microfinance
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Analysed the application of micro-finance mechanisms to clean energy projects in the Pacific. Report is available at

Seed Capital Assistance Facility

Year: 2008-2009
Location: China
Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Main project features: Clean Energy Fund Strategy
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Advised on mechanisms to engage and incentivize Clean Energy Private Equity Funds to allocate a fund window for seed investments

Energy Efficiency (“EE”) Regional Market Analysis

Year: 2010
Location: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore
Client: UK Government – Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Main project features: Market Analysis & Financial Model
Positions held: Lead Consultant
Activities performed: Evaluated the EE market in SE Asia (economics, market size, ESCO maturity, regulatory & legal frameworks) in order to (i) analyze the barriers to the widespread uptake of efficiency solutions and (ii) design appropriate approaches to address these. Assisted the local industry and partners through knowledge transfer, conducted training workshop providing guidance on financial & technical assessment and management to streamline procedures for EE projects